Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Malevolent Rapture

OK, this is an album that manages to create some of the atmosphere and the hype of the 80's with their music. Imagine a mixture of 80's Thrash, some melodies, vocals that remind of Araya and Mille, and some of the best riffs I have heard for quite some time. Headbanging parts all over the album, vocals filled with pure hatred, excellent drums, a rhythm section that knows how to control the speed of their music, and a killer groove in each song, are the main characteristics of the music. Music that always reminds of the 80's, but is also fresh and up to date it it's own way. You were a teenager those glorious days? You were born later but you like the music of that era? This album has plenty to offer. Happy headbanging everyone.


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