Thursday, April 13, 2006

PROTO-KAW - The Wait Of Glory

Their name is a riddle, since it means EARLY VERSION OF Kansas, and is exactly what they are, the band that afterwards became known as Kansas, but was also known as Kansas before Proto-Kaw. Nevertheless, this is their latest release, with songs composed by Kenny Livgren, songs that are more than just Progressive Rock, but dare to go far, to incorporate Jazz, Funk and other elements, to explore their sound, to experiment. Sometimes you can hear the band jamming, and creating some of the most excellent melodies, some others transcending to various styles, but everything under a main plot, and this is not tiring the listener. The arrangements are close to perfection, the melodies also, and the addition of other instruments such as sax, piano, organ or flute, add to the whole result. If you are into Progressive Rock, you will find many to like into this album.


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Anonymous said...

This is the best cd for 2006 by far for progressive fans. Thanks guys, you rule!