Thursday, April 13, 2006

THE TANGENT - A Place In The Queue

This is the third album of the British-Swedish Progressive Rock band, and this times, finds the band with two major changes in their line up, since the two founding Flower King members have left to focus on their other commitments, leaving Jonas Reingold alone. This didn't seem to affect their music though, since this is also a killer album, full of excellent music, complex enough but also catchy enough to create melodies that stick into you mind. The arrangements are almost perfect, with plenty of nice ideas, and the use of instruments other than guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, gives an extra dynamic to the whole album. Lyrically based on the idea, that our whole life, is a giant queue, where we all line up, for various reasons, the band completes the album in the best possible way. Not an easy album though, needs your full attention to explore it's soundscapes, but it's definitely worth the effort.


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