Thursday, December 20, 2007

SEVEN TEARS - In Every Frozen Tear

This band started it's existence early in this century in Sweden, when two 13 year old teenagers decided to create a band. A lot has been changed since, including names, and members, and this is their first full length album. First of all, the band is playing a Melodic style of Metal, with pompous vocals and tons of keyboards. Excellent and catchy music, well written and well performed, is what the listener will find here. The compositions are very good, with enough melodies, but also plenty of nice ideas, with the majority of them explored in a very professional way. A special mention should be made to the singer, Zoran Djorem, and his ability to color the songs in a very good way, and the guitar player who manages to create some great riffs and harmonies with his guitars. A melodic album, from a label that has used us in quality releases. Maybe it's too late to say if these guys are gonna be the next big thing, but for sure, from this album, they seem like a talented and inspired band.

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