Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LION'S SHARE - Dark Hours

Dark Hours is the sixth full length album of the Swedish band. Lion's share, for those unfamiliar with the band, are playing a mixture of Power and Classic Heavy Metal, melodic and catchy, but also as heavy and groovy as it can get. Catchy melodies, and well written songs are the trademarks here, along with excellent vocals, melodic and well performed. Right from the first note, the songs are easy to get into, with parts to sing along, and a crunching rhythm. The band also seems to be in a very creative period, and this is obvious not only on the nice ideas and the musicianship, but also in the way that they create songs that are keeping the listener interested until the end. Fast and aggressive, in the classic Power Metal formula, or slower and towards more Classic Metal forms, the band manages to create and album worth listening. The few less good moments that exist, are not ruining the whole impression in any way. It seems that the two years of waiting have worked for the band, and this is something that the listener notices right from the start. An album you should check out.


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