Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SHAKRA - Everest

New album for the Swiss Hard Rock band and I am sure that this is an album that the fans will love. The band is playing melodic Hard Rock, ofter mixing enough Power Metal though, something that makes their music interesting and fun to listen to. Melodies are very important here, dominating the songs, but not weakening the whole result in any way. What's best, is that the singer has not the typical high pitched vocals, but a rather harsh voice. Good arrangements, with all the right ingredients in the correct amount, blended together in the proper way, create an album that is honest and enjoyable from the first to the last minute. What's most important though, is that the band is playing music that is catchy, melodic, well written and equally well performed. Music that sticks in your mind, makes you wanna sing along and move your head along with the rhythm. A band worth checking out.


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