Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SUSPERIA - Attitude

This album is the fifth of the Norwegian band, and their first in Candlelight Records. What has started as a Black Metal band, has transformed into a more sophisticated, yet aggressive, outfit, that combines Thrash, Death and melodies, in a very efficient way. With songs that contain all their previous influences, from Black Metal screams, to 80's Thrashing parts, this album will please everyone, without sacrificing quality. Good ideas, and excellent arrangements, with equally good musicianship, are the key parts of this album. Melodies are also plenty, and are used wisely, without weakening the whole result. The songs are well written, catchy and groovy, with tunes that stick into your mind, and make you move your head along with the rhythm. A very nice and clear production comes to complete the album in the best possible way. A very good album indeed, from a talented band. Check them out.


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