Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I was rather skeptical about this album, since the name of the band brings Metallica influences in mind. But my surprise was rather big, and started from the first minute. The band is an all female band, and their music, is old fashioned Heavy Metal, with a strong rhythm section, and a very catchy feeling from the first to the last minute. Existing for only four years, and creating a debut as strong and solid as this one, is definitely a thing to comment. The singer is only 19 years old, but manages to put a personal trademark to the songs, the rhythm section is excellent and the guitar melodies are well worked. Songs that might not be the definition of innovation, but are all moving to the same high level, with excellent musicianship and interesting ideas. So, with a debut as impressive as this one, I can only tell that more good things will come from them in the future. If you like your Metal the Classic way, fast and groovy, the kind to bang your head along, then this one is recommended.


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