Sunday, July 19, 2009

ONSLAUGHT - Live Damnation

It's really hard to believe that long time favorite bands call it quits, and is equally hard to believe rumors of reunions as well. But Onslaught is once again with us, after a big, well really big, break, in between. This live recording, that was recorded, last year, contains some diamonds from their early years, but also some fragments of what's expecting us, with their new release through Candlelight Records. Fast and aggressive, with melodies and singing along parts, this album has all it takes to became a favorite. The band sounds in a very good shape, and sometimes you get the feeling that the album was recorded back in their early days. The production is also very good, leaving space for the audience to be heard, and delivering some of their energy to the listener. Definitely a band with a huge fan base, and maybe one of the early Thrash bands, that deserved some more than they finally got. A very good release, either for long time Thrash enthusiasts, or newcomers, that want to explore the genre.


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