Sunday, August 30, 2009

SAVAGE MESSIAH - Insurrection Rising

The band comes from England, and this is their second album, after their highly successful "Spitting Venom" which was released back in 2007. Right from the first note, the band shows that their success and positive reaction from the press was not a coincidence. Talented enough, the band managed to create a Thrash album, with all the trademarks and things that one should expect from such an album. Thrashy riffs, clear vocals, groovy headbanging parts, and songs manage to keep the listener interested until the end. But, as if those weren't enough, they also blended enough modern Metal elements into their music, giving it a more diverse touch, which, along with the excellent guitar melodies, makes this album unique, and not just another Thrash Metal album. There are enough ideas here, and enough things that the band successfully explored and blended into their songs. The production completes the album in the best possible way, and was done by no one else than Chris Tsangarides. After a very good debut album, the band releases an equally good second one. Check them out, cause they really deserve it.


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