Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DEFIANCE - The Prophecy

Defiance is a band that created quite a hype back in the 80's, continued into the early 90's and then went on a hiatus that lasted about 15 years. What we have to remember from this period is 3 albums, and enough line up changes. And here we are again, with four of the original members back as an act, and with a new album. Right from the first note, the band shows it's intentions. Thrash Metal at it's finest form, with edgy guitar riffs, catchy melodies and parts to bang your head along with the rhythm. But that ain't all, since the songs contain enough tempo changes, enough melodic parts and intros, something that makes the album even more interesting. The songs are quite good, a bit old fashioned in style, but also with a more modern approach. There are enough nice ideas and the band has managed to explore them in the best possible way. The production is good enough, as clear as it should be, leaving space for the music to evolve. All in all, this is an album which fans of the band will enjoy most, since the band could have given much more to the scene. Better late than even, they say, and I also agree. A well worked album, that will please all fans of Thrash.


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