Wednesday, January 27, 2010

EXCALION - High Time

This nice quintet comes from Finland, and their story starts at the end of the 90's. What started as a fun project turned out into a serious act, and this is their second album, after their debut back in 2007. The band is playing Melodic Power Metal, fast, and catchy enough, with memorable choirs, and parts to sing along. On the other hand, some, few though, Progressive bits and bytes here and there, spice things up and make their music even more interesting. Fast and melodic songs, along with mid tempo complex ones, come to complete each other like the two sides of a coin. The band is quite talented, and this is obvious from both the way they compose and perform their music. A special mention also needs to be done for the vocalist, whose vocals fit the music in the best possible way. There are enough nice ideas on their arrangements, and along with some inevitable cliches, the band creates an album that will please all the fans of the genre. The production is clear and as heavy as it should be, and helps the music very much. Maybe not the most original album that you ever come around, but, it's well performed, has enough ideas, and comes from a young and promising band. If you are a fan of this style of Metal, check them out.


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