Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IRON MASK - Shadow Of The Red Baron

This is the third album of the band, whose mastermind is Dushan Petrossi, a virtuoso guitarist from Belgium. The band is playing Melodic Power Metal, enriched with various other elements, creating a very interesting album that is fun to listen to. Melodies are the alpha and omega here, creating various soundscapes, and characterize the album. Catchy choruses, excellent Neoclassical parts, and perfect vocals, are what the listener will enjoy from the first to the last minute. What's more interesting is that the album has enough variety, with songs that are not copying each other, and this keeps the interest high. Neoclassical, Symphonic, Power, everything is here, with songs well written and full of nice ideas, and all the trademarks that one should expect to find in such a style. Of course the most dominant thing on this album is the excellent work on the guitars, but also a remarkable work has also been done with the keys, on the rhythm section and on the vocal area as well. The production is shiny and clear, and reveals every little detail of the music. Nice music, well performed, and with enough variety to keep you interested until the end. If you like this kind of stuff, check them out.


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