Monday, March 01, 2010

IN MOURNING - Monolith

Two years after their debut release, Shrouded Divine, the band from Sweden comes to continue their musical journey. Being experienced enough, and existing since 2000, they created an album that manages to combine the complexity of Progressive with the aggression of Swedish Death Metal. As if those weren't enough, there's a melancholic and depressing atmosphere into the whole album, and the various bridges and melodic parts enhance it very much. On the other hand, there's enough brutal singing, some killer guitar work, and an excellent rhythm section to accomplish all the ideas of the band. The majority of the songs are well written, catchy enough, with nice melodies and parts to follow, and bang your head with. But, to fully explore the music, you need more than just a couple of hearings, as there are hidden stuff, ready to be discovered. The production is clear and powerful, and gives a final touch to the album. Complex and interesting, aggressive and catchy, this album is maybe a good example of what a band with imagination and talent can achieve. If you are into Swedish Death Metal, then definitely give this a spin.


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