Tuesday, March 09, 2010

OCTOBER FILE - Our Souls To You

To be honest I was not familiar with the band at all, so the first thing I did was a little homework, while listening the album. These guys are from United Kingdom, and this is their third full length album so far. To best describe the sound of the band, try to imagine a blend of dark and ultra heavy music, with an overdose of Hardcore, distorted guitars, and angry singing. The music is catchy and groovy enough, and the band has plenty of nice and well explored ideas into their songs. The band's ability to change tempo without sacrificing aggression has created an album with music that remains interesting till the last moment. What's most astonishing is that they know how to create music that sticks into your mind, and become an instant favorite. The production is very good, clear and heavy enough, and gives the final touch to the album. In a very interesting move, the album is released as a double CD, with the second CD being the same album with a different producer. Heavy, dark, angry, in-your -face, yet melodic and catchy, this album is as diverse as needed to become a favorite. One of those you can't afford to miss.


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