Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EXODUS - Exhibit B: The Human Condition

It's really hard not to shiver with anticipation when new releases from bands that remind you of your youth reach the surface. Exodus has always been a big chapter in Thrash scene, although they had their ups and downs, and followed the decline of the genre in the early 90's. But always a favorite in the hearts of each and everyone Thrash Metal fan, when they emerged again, they got an instant recognition, like no time has passed. Exhibit B is a pure Thrash Metal album, and although there are only two founding members, this album is 100% Exodus. It's fast and has excellent guitars, vocals that kill, a perfect rhythm section, and surprisingly, enough melodies here and there, to make things even more spicy. What's more interesting is the band experimenting with a slower, relatively speaking, song, with oriental melodies, slightly reminding the  Seasons In The Abyss style. There's not a weak point here, nor a thing that can make you think of pushing the forward button. Everything is well worked, and the same goes for the production as well, which was done by Andy Sneap. What's more impressive is that, after 28 years of existence, and 10 albums, the band continues to surprise fans, and deliver exactly what promises. After all, as with any good Thrash album, your neck will be the ultimate proof.


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