Monday, June 07, 2010


This is the latest release of the German Death Metal band, who celebrates 20 years of existence. So, they decided to cover some songs from bands that have influenced them over the years, and add them to this release. There are 3 covers here, "Welcome Home" from King Diamond, "Love Like Blood" from Killing Joke and "Red Sharks" from Crimson Glory, which the band adopt them to their style, but, in my opinion not as much as to create something more interesting and unique. And also there are 4 new tracks on the same aggressive style of the band, and one track that was re-recorded. The use of some Thrash parts here and there, and the harsh vocals, make things even more nice and fun for the listener. What's more interesting is that the new releases have an "old-fashioned" feeling, something that will please the early fans of the band, while new fans will probably like it too. The production was done by the band themselves, while the mastering was done by Andy Classen. All in all, this is more of collectors item for the fans of the band, but still a good release for all those into Death Metal. Along with this release, there will also be a DVD with their live performance at Walpurgis Metal Days 2009, that will certainly give you a nice idea of their live performances. Check them out.


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