Thursday, October 07, 2010

ROSS THE BOSS - Hailstorm

The second release of the band is a fact, and what's more certain is that the fans of early Manowar will love this album. It has all what it takes for that. It's Epic, pompous, groovy, well arranged and performed. With a lot of energy, guitar-driven melodies, and a very solid rhythm section, the album moves on very quality standards. What's more interesting though is that the band is also trying to explore new paths and enrich their music even more, rather than stay on a well known and tested recipe. This leads to more variety, and keeps the listener's interest high until the end. The vocals also are quite good, although Patrick Fuchs is not the typical Epic Metal vocalist. But again, this is not the average Epic Metal album, it's much more than this, and the vocals fit quite good into it. This album is quite easy to get into from the first time, but still holds surprises for the fans, with a more cautious listening. Well arranged songs, with nice melodies and parts to sing along, parts to bang you head with the rhythm and excellent atmosphere. Everything comes in a fluent way, which means that the album is a fun to listen to. So, if you are into Epic stuff, this is a release that you should definitely check out.


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