Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BULLET - Highway Pirates

This is the third album of the Swedish band, and a certain step forward in their career. The band is playing Heavy Metal, sometimes old fashioned enough, with some influences from AC/DC, with whom they also toured with. Slightly improved from their previous album, but also keeping the good things of this release, Highway Pirates is a Rock'n'Roll hymn. An album full of energy, good vibes, and a feeling that the band is performing just for their own amusement, makes this record fun to listen to. Songs ideal to be performed live, with nice melodies, a "party" feeling, killer melodies, catchy parts to sing along, and harsh vocals, are the main characteristics of their music. The songs are well written, with nice guitar-driven melodies, and are all moving to the same quality level, with no fillers or less good moments. The production is as clear as it should be, but also preserves the "dirty" feeling of the music. Ideal for listening while driving, while having beers with friends, but most of all, watching them performing live, Bullet is one of the bands that manage to keep things simple, but hit straight to the target. Enjoy.


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