Saturday, January 15, 2011

ONSLAUGHT - Sounds Of Violence

It's hard not to feel nostalgic when you get your hands to material from bands like Onslaught. I was only 16 when I heard "Let There Be Death", and the same feeling came back to me, altered a bit, now 24 years later. This is their new release, their fifth, their second after their mighty comeback in 2005, and shows that the band was not here just for a few shows and beers, but was back for good. Crunchy riffs, music that will make your heads move with the rhythm, fast tempo songs, excellent vocals from Sy Keeler, all assuring that the result will be more than excellent. The songs are fast, with occasional slower parts here and there, 80's Thrash with a more modern touch, that I found pretty interesting. There are no weak moments here, or indifferent songs, each one is carefully worked for maximum performance, and this makes this record one of those that become favorites. The production is clear and solid enough, and brings out all the details of the music. Thrash Metal at it's best, a perfect blend of both Old School and modern styles, aggressive, catchy and well performed. If you are a Thrash fan, then this album is something you should check out.


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