Monday, April 04, 2011

BETZEFER - Freedom To The Slave Makers

The band is coming from Israel, and this is their second album so far. Not familiar with their sound before, this album was a pleasant surprise, right from the start. Music that sounds as close to Pantera as possible, with crunchy riffs, angry vocals, a touch of Thrash here and there, and a solid rhythm section, this album is highly enjoyable. There's variety here, the songs are well written and catchy enough, and the listener won't find moments that might sound boring, or repetitive. There are enough nice ideas here, and the band has explored them in a very good way. One of the big plus of this album is the rhythm, something that made me wonder how these songs would sound like, if performed live. If you liked the way Pantera created music, or Sepultura's Roots, you will find some similarities here, but don't be fooled, cause these guys are good and not copycats. Their music is full of energy, nice ideas, and their grooves have a way to stick into your mind. A band that you should check out.


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