Monday, April 11, 2011


This band is really a very pleasant surprise, specially if you like bands that don't afraid to experiment with their own traditional music. To be honest, this is the first album of the band that comes to my hands, but their sixth so far, and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The band comes from Hungary, and plays a kind of Metal that sounds like a powerful mixture of Power Metal, and Folk music. The result is an album very rich in sounds and ideas, catchy from the first to the last minute, every though I didn't understand a single word. The female vocals are very good, and fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the music, while the frequent addition of some more brutal vocals adds some harder moments and only makes things better. The majority of the songs are well written, catchy and melodic enough, and leave an optimistic feeling to the listener. The production is as shiny as should be, and is another plus for the album. With no weak moments, interesting ideas, and a very catchy rhythm, it makes you bang your head, or tap your feet, along with the groove. Check them out.


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