Monday, April 04, 2011

Lyriel - Paranoid Circus

Lyriel is a band that comes from Germany, that blends various influences into a very catchy style. This is their album that was released last year, and re-issued through AFM Records. Their music is blending Folk, Metal, a touch of Gothic, violins and cellos, all these into a very versatile mixture. On the one hand we have female vocals both on the foreground and background, along with keyboards, cellos and violins. But to back things, we have a very skilled guitar player, and equally skilled rhythm section, to make things a bit more aggressive. This nice contradiction works very good for the band, and leads to an album full of a nice atmosphere and touching melodies, but also enough more Metallic moments. Don't expect to break your neck with rhythm here, but expect an album that contains enough melodies, has a great atmosphere and well performed songs. What this album brings is an exact opposite of an ominous atmosphere, is what one could say "happy". The production is tight and clear enough, and helps showing the atmosphere of the music. A very melodic album, maybe not aiming for the average Metal fan, but still worths every minute you spent for it. Check them out.


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