Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SIX REASONS TO KILL - Architects Of Perfection

I try to be as open-minded as possible, and never judge an album by the cover artwork. Even if this sometimes spoils the fun, and destroys any of the upcoming surprises. On this album, the cover screams "aggression" from miles away, and this the simple truth. The German quintet plays a style of Metal that is quite aggressive, but always stays catchy, despite the constant changes, both in tempo and in style. First of all, they are big fans of Thrash, that's why their riffs are so edgy, and the fact that they are German indicates that the rhythm section is simply perfect. Second, the vocals are a blend of Death Metal growls to Black Metal screams, and all the ranges in between. And if you think that these are all, you are mistaken, since the band managed to create parts that are also more laid back and melodic, and with grooves that go closer to Hardcore. The fact is that the band has all it's influences into their music, and has done so in a very fluent way, so that the listener won't find things that might annoy him. The production is good, and helps the band and the various little influences of the band reach the surface. Aggressive and complex, this album definitely needs you attention from the first to the last minute.


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