Wednesday, April 06, 2011

TORMENTA - Tormented Souls

Thrash Metal from Maldives? If it's well performed, origin is never an issue. And these guys are good in what they play, so let's go on. The band exists for about 5 years so far, and this is their debut effort, which was released about a year ago. The influences of the band are more than obvious here, but they are trying to give their personal perspective to their music. The music is, as I mentioned before, Thrash, influenced by the pioneers of the US scene, Slayer mostly, but also some Metallica-like riffs can be heard here and there. The result is music that is sharp and aggressive with a more modern touch. Another interesting thing here is the vocalist, who sings in a more brutal way and fits perfectly with the music. The production is very good, clear and as heavy as needed, to point out all the details of the album. If Thrash is your favorite, then this album gives a breeze of fresh air to the scene, and is highly welcomed. Plans are for a 2011 release, and we can't wait for that.


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