Monday, May 09, 2011

SUIDAKRA - The Book Of Dowth

The story of the German band starts back in the mid 90's, and this is their latest release, their first with AFM Records. It has been two years since their successful Crogacht, and the they continue on the same path, delivering another album full of the band's trademarks. The band is playing Swedish Death Metal, with catchy melodies, a rhythm section that is close to perfection, and a groove that all fans of the genre will like. But along with that, there is a very strong Folk influence, on the lyrics concept, and on the music as well. The album has a few surprises to make things even more interesting, such a haunting song with female vocals, full of atmosphere, or some more melodic parts here and there, along with clear vocals. All these serve well the concept of the album, which is based on a dark version of a Celtic myth. The production is also very good, clear and crisp enough, and completes the music in the best possible way. One of the first bands to combine Melodic Death with Folk elements into a very catchy outfit, is back with a release that will please both old and new fans. It's heavy, it's groovy, well performed, and dark. How not to like it?


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