Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WOLVERINE - Communication Lost

This is the fourth album of the Swedish band, and I can definitely say that is one of those albums that fans of their music will like. They are playing a style that could be tagged as Progressive Rock, but they don't afraid to experiment with the addition of some electronics, or to harden their sound when necessary, which they often do. The songs are very good, and what's the most important, there's a natural flow in the music, from the first to the last minute. There are no fillers, no tracks that one might want to skip, or moments that feel out of place. Another good point of the band is that every instrument, including the singer, work together as a part of a bigger picture, with no meaningless and tiring solo performances. The music is melodic, catchy, complex at times, and has a rather moody feeling. The production is very good, clear and crisp enough, and helps the music very much. One of the albums that just a couple of spins won't do. It might take some time to get into the music, and to reveal all it's little secrets, but it will pay back every minute you invested in it.


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