Monday, June 06, 2011

INGESTED - The Surreption

This is the second attempt of the Manchester based band, and although I missed their first one, this second is a quite an interesting release. The band is playing Death Metal, enriched with various Deathcore elements, and it's so damn brutal and aggressive that one can't help but like it. The first thing one notices here, is the vocal abilities of the singer, whose performance is not limited at the Death style, but also is enriched with various other styles, making the songs quite catchy. The songs are fast and furious, like a punch in the teeth, and the tempo stays fast from the first to the last minute. Luckily, the band is talented enough, and the music doesn't feel like an endless noise. To the trained ears of course, since the neighbours might not like much of it. Glimpses of melodies here and there, make things a bit more spicy without sacrificing any of the brutality. If you are a fan of such a style, then this album has enough to offer. Check them out.


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