Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ORIGIN - Entity

I was first introduced to the music of Origin back in 2000, with their self-titled debut album. The first impression was, and still is, that we talk about a very talented band. Their last release is an album that doesn't get away from their pre-defined music path, something that all fans of the band will appreciate. The band is playing Death Metal, but it's so aggressive, so brutal, and violent that will please even the most demanding Death Metal fan. Don't expect melodic things here, nor keyboards and stuff. The drummer is so outstanding, that sometimes makes you wonder about the number of his hands and feet, and along with the rest of the rhythm section, create music that often enough sounds like a machine operating on high speed. There are both brutal and high-pitched vocals, and both fit perfectly with the feeling of the music. The production is almost perfect, and helps the music very much. If you like to explore some of the most aggressive sides of Death Metal, the get Origin as a driver, fasten your seat belts and prepare for the journey. Not recommended for the weak.


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