Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RHAPSODY OF FIRE - From Chaos To Eternity

This is the new release of the Italian band, one band that knows how to combine Metal with symphonic elements, something that once again is strong on this album. When it all started, this was unique and innovative, but a lot of bands adopted the style during the years. But, Rhapsody of Fire still have the talent to write music that is part Metal and part Symphonic, and do it in a way that doesn't tire the listener. This time, the music is more complicated, with a lot of tempo and style changes, but also pompous and melodic as it has always been. There are songs that are close to their past works, but there are also moments where their Italian temperament leads to masterpieces like "Tempesta Di Fuoco". Amongst the participants that the devoted fan will recognize is Christopher Lee, as a narrator, whose voice manages to create exactly the feeling and the atmosphere the band wanted to have in their music. A diverse album, that contains melodies and parts to stick in your mind, but also various layers in the music, something that makes the music resistant in time. All in all, it's an album full of the nice melodies, the complexity, and the Epic elements that the band has used us in the past, all well blended and equally performed.


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