Thursday, July 14, 2011


I must admit that this release is very nice and mind intriguing. The band started as an idea of Viron drummer Neudi, who is also a devoted NWOBHM fan. So, along with fellow band members but also respected musicians, created this band that plays cover songs, but does it in a Teutonic way. This is their second release, following their successful "NWOBHM for Muthas", obviously inspired by the legendary 80's compilation. Once again, the band has gathered some jewels of the British scene, from well known bands, but also from bands that didn't had a huge success. Cover songs are generally fun, and this could not be otherwise. But, the band has managed to give a more German touch to the whole album, something that gives a different perspective to the music. The production of Metal legend Chris Tsangarides manages to preserve the 80's feeling of the music, but give it in a more modern way. I admired the fact that they didn't try to alter the feeling of the songs, transform it into something that younger fans would like, but treated each song with respect. It's like they wanted to show how each song would sound like if it was released today. Nevertheless, it's a release that might please fans of the genre, but certainly will make other fans dig into the work of bands that deserved much more than they got. And still, I am curious to see, what's the next dish from those guys.


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