Thursday, August 18, 2011

PRO-PAIN - 20 Years Of Hardcore

To celebrate their 20 year of existence, the band is creating a release that will please their devoted fans, and give a good sample of their music to those unfamiliar with it. It contains 4 new tracks, 4 classic songs re-recorded, 14 live songs that were recorded at Brno Cz, and a DVD, which was not contained in the promo-pack but contains footage of live performances, fan-filmed material, videos and more. What's amazing with this band is their skill to create songs that are so catchy and groovy that even the most negative and narrow-minded metal-heads can't help but moving with the rhythm. The vocals are aggressive and powerful enough, there are enough melodies here and there, and along with the solid rhythm section creates a style that is ideal for watching live. On this release, we also have a chance to witness the energy and the feeling of their live shows, and the reaction of the Czech audience in every given chance. Maybe not as valuable as a regular release, but if you are a fan of the band, or were on one of their live performances and want to live back the feeling, then check it out. Either way, their music is so fun to listen, that will keep you good company for quite some time.


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