Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ANTHRAX - Worship Music

I've always been a huge fan of this band, so this review might not be very objective, but then again, who said that reviews can't be a matter of personal taste? Anyway, I welcomed the fact that Joey Belladonna is back on the band, and this is their new album eight years after the release of their last studio effort. The new album sounds and feels as an Anthrax album should feel. It's full of classic moments and well written songs that will please all fans that were expecting this. Although they haven't forget the way to make crunchy thrashy music, this album is much more than this. Belladonna is in top shape, and so are the rest of band members, and the release is music that dives deep in to the depths of Classic Metal, but sounds as fresh and up-today as possible. Of course there are moments where the band is revisiting their late 80's era, which are also welcome and perfectly fitting. The production is top class, and completes the album in the best possible way. A new release from such a huge band, with almost the original line-up is a fact by itself. And if you consider also the quality of both the arrangements and their musical skills, you have another milestone on their career. One of those moments that the title couldn't be more fitting.


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