Friday, September 16, 2011

EDGUY - Age Of Joker

It has been quite some time since Tobias Sammet and his crew surprised us with the release of their debut album, and the controversy about their music still goes on. Having left their Melodic Power Metal days in the past, at least partially, the band has chosen to explore new territories in music, but always with the trademarks of the sound of Edguy. Things here are more diverse, starting from vocals of Tobias Sammet and continuing to each instrument and every minute of the music. But, if you thing that there are no parts to sing along, think again, since as I said before, some of the trademarks of the music are still here. There are the great vocals, the catchy parts, well written melodies, and the superb guitar solos one should expect from an Edguy album. But what I liked on this album, and many of the fans will also do, is that the band is not afraid to experiment and explore new directions in their music, and is doing it with the same quality and ease that did it with their early releases. The production is perfect and was done by Sascha Paeth, and completes the album in the best possible way. If you were eager for just another Power Metal album with each song being based on the same form, then you might get disappointed. The band shows that every influence can find it's way to their music, so country style guitars, Progressive elements, pianos, Heavy tracks, slow ballad-like ones, and songs with specific references to the 80's, everything is here, all blended and implemented into an album that has no weak point. So open your mind, and let these guys explain their vision of music.


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