Sunday, October 30, 2011

DRAGONLAND - Under The Grey Banner

This is the third release of the band, following their "Astronomy" album which was released about five years ago. The band from Sweden continued on the saga of Dragonland, a fantastic place that was realized in their first two albums. The first impression is that the band is playing Melodic Power Metal, fast and groovy, pompous and well written, the kind that fans love to sing along, since it's both catchy and easy to get into. But, under this skin, the band has created an album that borrows enough items from Symphonic music, from the roles that the vocals create, to the atmosphere of the whole music, and the theatrical parts that are spread around the album. According to the mastermind Olof Morck, the band wanted to create an album that would be inspired by every fantasy movie around, every RPG soundtrack, instead of creating another Power Metal cliche release. So, the album has this fantasy atmosphere, and sounds like a soundtrack to a perfect Epic movie. It takes you to places, it reminds you of movies you've seen, games you've played, and has such a marvelous atmosphere until the end. Technically, the band is perfect, and they are capable to support their musical vision, while the well worked vocals color the songs with various moods, and help in the creation of the Epic atmosphere. Melodies are plenty, created from both the keyboards and guitars, and are well worked and interesting. Even the intros here are important and welcome. An album amazing at it's entirety, with no weak points, a truly superb journey to the a fantastic land.


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