Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LUCKY THIR13N - March Of The Young

This is the debut album of the Greek band that comes from Thessaloniki, and to be honest, I didn't expect to have such a great time listening to it, while driving at work, or while writing this review. The band is playing Hard Rock mostly, but with enough guts, and some very interesting and intriguing ideas. With influences starting from the 80's Metal scene but the cautious listener with also find some 90's stuff, the band has managed to marry all those into an extremely catchy, quite aggressive, and groovy music. Right from the first song, you can't help but tapping your feet along with the rhythm, sing along the choruses, and participate in any way possible. Well written music has a way to do that, and Lucky Thir13n compose and perform like veterans. And if you thing that they have found a motive and stick to it, think again, cause the band doesn't afraid to experiment with guest brutal vocals in one song, but also with a song that is Rap meets Hard Rock, with both male and female vocals. The production is excellent, crystal clear and completes the album in the best possible way. With great performance and songwriting, this is a killer debut album. So, open your mind, and prepare for a nostalgic trip to 80's and 90's with some surprises in between.


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