Monday, October 24, 2011

SICK OF IT ALL - Nonstop

This is not the latest album of the legendary Hardcore band, but a release aiming to celebrate their 25 years of existing. This is an album containing all the classics of the band, spanning through their entire history, recorded in the old fashioned way, only in four days. So it's more like a best of album, or, if you prefer, how classics of the past can sound in 2011. No matter if you are fan of the band or not, it's really hard not to be affected by the rhythm and the energy of their music, which is one of the strong points of their music. Right from the first song, the groove takes the leading role, and you find yourself banging your head along with it. The new version of the songs, if we can call it like this, is very close to the originals, keeping the same feeling but giving a more modern approach. According to Armand Majidi, there's a tempo change in most of them, some arrangements were remade, but they tried to keep them as close to the originals as possible. Working again under the direction of Tue Madsen, the production is powerful and clear enough, and completes the album in the way it deserves. No matter if you are an old fan of SOIA, or a new one that just now starts to explore their music, this album is a powerful addition to your collection. It's full of energy, groovy parts, tons of headbanging, a solid rhythm section, and vocals full of anger. What more could anyone ask from a band?


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