Monday, November 14, 2011

GOTTHARD - Homegrown - Live In Lugano

There's a special meaning to this live, since the singer no longer exists due to a terrible accident. The show was recorded at Lugano back at 2010, only a few months after the tragic death of the singer, and it's one of the shows with Steve Lee in vocals. So, this is not only a live release, but more of a homage to a very gifted singer who had much more to offer. For those not familiar with the music of Gotthard, the band is playing Hard Rock, with killer melodies, catchy vocals, the kind of music that is easy to get into, and fun to sing along. But don't get fooled, there's much more to the music than the surface, and the cautious listener will notice this after a few spins. This is obvious also from the way that the audience participates in each song, singing along, screaming and making their presence audible in every given chance. The singer communicates with the crowd, talking to people, and making sure they have a good time. Another strong point of the album is the sound quality, which is a big thing for a live album. The songs are clear enough, but there is also the noise of the crowd in the background, capturing some of the energy and the atmosphere of this live. Along with that, comes a bonus DVD containing amongst others, a live recorded back in 1999, named The Millennium Show 1999. Unfortunately the release marks the end of an era, but, it's still a live that both lucky Lugano fans, Gotthard fans, and good music lovers should check out.


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