Monday, November 28, 2011

LORD VOLTURE - Never Cry Wolf

Lord Volture is a band that comes from The Netherlands and this is their second album so far. The band is playing Heavy Metal enriched with various elements, enough Power, some Thrash, here and there, to make things even more interesting and fun. This sometimes works, but there are few moments where things seem to lack some energy or that magic thing that binds everything together. This thankfully doesn't destroy much the whole result, just adds a couple of less good moments, so this is an area that some improvement could happen. The band is talented enough, and this is obvious from the composing, but mostly from the performing area. There are enough nice ideas, and the band has explored them in the best possible way, while they also have incorporated enough classic Metal stuff in their music. The band has also, just like in their previous release, invited a guest musician to sing on a track, with the guest being no less than Sean Peck of Cage. The production is very good, and adds the final touch to the album. There are some great songs, very good performance, skilled musicians, melodies, parts to sing along and parts to move along with the rhythm. Check them out, and decide for yourselves.


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