Monday, November 21, 2011

VEKTOR - Outer Isolation

Ever wonder how things would have been for Thrash, if 90's never existed? Do you miss that old era, the sound and feel of the music of that time? So do we from time to time, and this album is one of those appropriate for that occasion. Vektor is a band that comes from Phoenix and exists since 2004. This is their second full length album, and I have the feeling that this will establish their name to the scene and make their music available to broader audiences. The band is playing Thrash, with  all the characteristics of the style. There are the sharp guitar riffs, the screaming vocals which sometimes resemble much the style of Destruction, and the tight rhythm section, but on the other hand there's plenty of melody and complexity on the songs, that approaches the borders of Progressive. The band is talented enough, and they have enough interesting ideas explored through their music. Although the music is catchy enough with the first listening, the complexity of it's structure makes it even intriguing with each listening, revealing more and more. The production is excellent, clear enough to show every detail of the album, but also preserving the raw and old-fashioned feeling of the music. A highly anticipated album from those that have heard their debut, and a recommended listening for those into Thrash in general.


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