Sunday, December 18, 2011

CORNERSTONE - Somewhere In America

This band comes from Austria and this is their latest full length release. Existing since the late 90's and surviving through numerous line up changes, the band has managed to create music, but never had the chance to release a full length until 2008. The band is a pleasant surprise, maybe not for strict Metal fans, but for sure for people who like good music in general. Blending a good dose of Rock and AOR, with touches from POP here and there, they manage to create an album that might not be the next opus in the music industry, but has it's good moments, and these are quite enough. While the music is well performed, melodic and touching at times, what really dominates the album is the female vocals of Patricia. She manages to sing in a way that is absolutely fitting with the music, enhancing the result, and making the songs even more interesting. The whole album is moving on the mellow side of Rock, ballads are super soft, still kinda interesting, but when the band decides to harden their sound, the result is also welcome, and shows that there's potential. The songs are quite good, with nice ideas, and perfect musicianship, and the clear production of the album helps them out in the best possible way. No matter if it's a style Metalheads don't like, you can't overlook the fact that the band puts their soul in their music, and this somehow reflects to the listener as well. So, open your mind, and give it a try. You might discover things you wouldn't imagine.


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