Monday, December 05, 2011


I knew nothing about this band from Bay Area, and thought to give this album a spin, partially inspired by the old-school cover. But nothing prepared me for what was waiting, and this is something that I enjoyed most. The band is playing a mixture of Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal, and their sound is so solid and well worked that sticks into your mind and makes you wanna bang along with the rhythm. The musicians are quite talented, and this is obvious not only from their performing but from their composing skills as well. A tight rhythm section, an excellent guitarist and a singer that has a quite distinctive but fitting voice, are all that it takes for them to create some killer tunes. Their influences vary, and include even New Wave of British Heavy Metal moments, but all are blended into their own style. The songs are very good, with enough interesting ideas, although they move on classic forms and their influences are sometimes more than obvious. Their music is ideal for performing live, listening with friends over a beer or two, and while driving. With songs that are catchy, with no weak points, well performed, and fun to listen to, this album is destined for success. With the cover, the feeling, and everything else screaming 80's, there are no modern elements into their music. For lovers of the era, for fans of good Metal music in general.


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