Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CASABLANCA - Apocalyptic Youth

This is the first album of the American/Swedish band, and for sure will bring shivers to the spine of those that dig into that kind of music. The band is playing Hard Rock, catchy and memorable enough, the way it was played back in the mid 80's. The music is quite groovy, well played and composed and contains some nice ideas, that the band explores, along with enough cliches that the band manages to incorporate in their sound. The majority of the songs are good, all moving to the same up tempo cheerful style of music, with nice hooks, parts to sing along, a good and tight rhythm section, and the ideal vocals for this kind of music. Along with those songs are a few moments where a more Bluesy feeling comes to surface, spicing things a bit, and giving some more promises for the future. In the lineup we also find a formed football player, Mats Rubarth on bass guitar, and a female drummer, Josephine Forsman, both doing a very good job. A crystal clear production, that was done in the Polar Studios, comes to complete the album, and put the final details on this release. Songs ideal for driving, for having a few drinks with friends, and surely performed live at clubs. If you like the Rock n Roll feeling the bands used to have in the 80's, where everything seem a bit more straightforward and simple, then don't be afraid to check this band.


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