Monday, January 16, 2012

ROB MANCINI - Rock N Roll Circus

This is the first solo album of Rob Mancini, and the artist is not only composed all the songs, has done most of the singing, except backing vocals, but also has played all the guitars and bass. The result is an album full of excellent music, a blend of Hard Rock with guitar driven AOR, and the artist is doing a very good work in all aspects. The first thing to notice here is the warm way of singing, something that fits perfectly with the feeling of the music, and the nature of the songs. Memorable parts, and easy refrains are widespread around the album, and help the listener participate, along with the plenty catchy moments and the well worked melodies. But being as experienced musician as he is, he also enriched his sound with enough harder moments, creating some equally fine Hard Rock songs. There are no weak points here, nor things indifferent, and even the cover of "Running Up That Hill" from Kate Bush has become an interesting version of the song. Melodic and well worked, with enough variety and plenty of nice ideas, this album has all it takes to please both fans of Melodic AOR and classic Hard Rock music. There are tons of melody, enough energy in the songs, great vocals, plenty of things to explore in the album. If you like your music melodic and catchy, then check this album.


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