Thursday, January 05, 2012

SIGH - In Somniphobia

This is a very weird album indeed, one of those with music really hard to categorize, but very interesting to listen to. Sigh are hailing from Japan, and are playing Black Metal, although their sound is definitely not limited to the borders of the specific genre. Being talented as they are, they practically experiment with tons of influences, all blended into their music, creating music that is really hard to get into, but has a way to stick into your mind. Their melodies are plenty and well worked, and the variety of the songs is such that almost none of the songs is identical, although the majority of them are moving loosely on a common pattern. If you add female vocals, classic Hard Rock keyboards, saxophone and countless other elements from styles such as Classic music, or Jazz, that you wouldn't dream of making their way into a Black Metal album, you get some idea of what's expecting you. Except all these, there are tons of electronics, but also instruments such as sitar, tampura, tabla and sarangi, giving a more ethnic feeling, while preserving this annoying and nightmarish feeling that exists in some songs. What's more important is that the band is talented enough, and the songs are not sounding boring or indifferent, besides the numerous influences. Not the typical Black Metal album, but definitely an album so black and gloomy, that draws the attention. If you are a fan, or you are just an open-minded person, then give this album some time or cautious listening. You won't believe how much it has to offer.


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