Monday, February 20, 2012

HARD RIOT - Living On A Fast Lane

The first thing that comes in mind when you hear that a band comes from Germany, is double bass drumming, a tight rhythm section, melodic parts and fast Metal music. Well, this is not exactly the case here, since the band is do coming from Germany but are playing Melodic Hard Rock. Right from the first song, the band shows that consists on talented musicians, so the result is an album of top quality music. And this comes from a band that exists for about 5 years now, and this is their debut, so they get an extra credit. On the other hand, they are often harden their sound into a very intriguing style of music, fast and groovy, that will make enough heads bang along with it's rhythm. The vocalist is very good, and delivers either on slow and melodic moments, or when things get harder, with the same quality and ease. The compositions are very good, with enough interesting ideas, and full of melodies and catchy refrains, a characteristic that the band takes advantage of, maybe more often that required, but without compromising the whole result. All of the songs are good, with parts to participate, catchy rhythmic guitar riffs, memorable vocals, and all leave an up-tempo feeling. There are enough influences here, some Black Sabbath-ic riffs here, some Maidenish ones there, a few Scorpions and AC/DC, but are all so gently used that the listener won't mind, and the band gives a feeling that hasn't done much to hide them. The production is also good, clear enough, but preserving the raw and dirty feeling their music has at times. For a debut, even if the band is rather experienced, one listening is enough to draw your attention, and with each listening the music unfolds all it's details. So give this a try, it's fun and well performed Hard Rock with enough Metal moments to spice things up. Definitely a first album that sets high standards for the band's next releases.


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