Thursday, February 23, 2012

PSYCROPTIC - The Inherited Repression

It's really hard not to like this band. They are coming from Tasmania, a place famous mostly for the so called "Devil", and surely not for their Metal scene, yet they managed to create an album that really blows the mind. Their history starts back in 1999, and this is their fifth full length album so far, four years after their previous release, and their second in Nuclear Blast Records. While I was not familiar with their previous efforts, this one became a favorite, simply because the band shows that they have the talent and the inspiration to create music that bears their trademark. What they are playing can be described as Technical Death Metal, but the band is also heavily influenced by Thrash which is obvious often enough, and adds some diversity to the whole result. Thrash influences are mostly audible on the guitar riffs, which are short and edgy, creating a perfect sonic carpet for the rhythm section and the vocal growling singing to unfold, and enough headbanging parts for the fans to enjoy. The songs are very good, and contain enough variety for keeping the listener interested until the end. Tempo changes are plenty and fluent enough, and this also won't mind the fans, specially because the band has done such a great job in the performing area, that prevents the album from becoming repetitive or indifferent. There are some very interesting ideas here, and all of them have been explored as much as possible, leading to songs that will please all fans of Death Metal, in almost all it's variations. A well arranged album, full of energy and power, a solid rhythm section, great vocals, plenty of moments to bang you head along, and even more to explore. What more can one ask from an album?


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