Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RAGE - 21

It all started back in the mid 80's, and now 28 years later the band is still active, and stronger than ever, with a new release, that will please all fans of the  band. I am sure that are a few of you out there, not familiar with Rage and their sound, so it's rather pointless to trying to explain it. The band, in a few words, is playing Power Metal, Melodic and catchy, as Germans know how to, and this is the main characteristic of their music that can also be found here. Along with it, comes Melody and few touches from more aggressive styles, to make things even more complicated and intriguing. But what makes the difference here is the ability of the band to move to more complex forms, and add modern elements, with the same ease and technique, without become boring or indifferent. So, what the listener will find here is quality music, with enough variety based on the well known Rage recipes, but also enough experiment and exploration of new territories with the same success. The majority of the songs are very good, catchy and melodic enough, with parts to sing along and sticky memorable moments, and with ideas that the band explores to the maximum. There's plenty of energy and Metal music to satisfy fans, and has a breeze of fresh air that gives a modern touch to the music. The vocals of Peavy are excellent, and some experimenting with more aggressive forms he does give a very interesting note to the songs. The guitars are also perfect, something also expected since Victor Smolski is a rather established name and an artist that doesn't need to prove his skills. Last but not least is the drummer, Andre Hilgers, who is also doing a very good job, whatever rhythm the band choses to explore. When the album finishes, it leaves you a good feeling. It has all the things that made Rage what they are today, but doesn't stick to that. It's an album where the band doesn't afraid to explore and incorporate things, and therefore needs more attention to understand. So, to fully appreciate this release, you should open your mind, and let the music speak for itself.


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