Friday, March 23, 2012

FURYON - Gravitas

It's really hard to tag the music of Furyon, simply because the band has so many influences, and are all so well mixed into this album, that they don't fit into a certain category. So, let's start, by mentioning that the band comes from England, and this is their debut album, which was released back in 2010 from the band but released again now through a major label. The band is very talented, and has been influenced by various styles of music, from Metal to Classic Rock, and this is obvious from the first moment. Arrangements that are complex and flirt with Progressive, with enough melodies and heavy vocals, are the majority of the songs here. There are enough ideas, all well explored, and sometimes the result truly amazes. The music is Heavy enough, groovy and catchy, and has a way to sneak into your mind, making you want to tap your feet with the rhythm, or bang your head along. While all the band consists on gifted musicians, one can't help but mention the excellent work that the two axemen are doing, and the out-of-the-ordinary guitar riffs that often enough surprise the listener. It has almost no weak points, or things that could be done in a better way, and along with the nature of the music, makes this album one of those that become instant favorites. No matter how simple, or how complex the songs are, you get this bring-me-more-of-this-stuff feeling, which is a plus for an album. With some songs being full of energy, others slower and more melodic, and with diversity being the key, everything sounds so well "cooked" that sometimes leave you speechless. An excellent album that needs cautious listening, because there are plenty of things to be revealed, but trust me, it will pay you back for each minute you spend listening to it.    


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