Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MY DYNAMITE - My Dynamite

This is the first album of the band, but despite that, I have the feeling that the Australian band has a long career ahead. The band is playing a mixture of Classic Rock with lots of Southern and Blues influences. From the first moment, the music screams 70's, with the first band that comes to mind being Black Crowes, but this is only a mere resemblance in style, since the band has a lot more to offer. Their music has a groovy and badass attitude, and is catchy enough, that all fans of the genre will love it. Most important ingredient here is the guitar riffs, which give a dirty feeling to the music, while the oldfashioned vocals enhance this feeling as much as possible. The songs are very good, well written, with tons of nice melodies, and some excellent ideas, and this is making the album even more interesting and fun to listen. As musicians they are all good and talented enough, and they manage to perform their music, always moving on the same high level. There's enough diversity in the music, and there are times where their music expands and touches from Blues come in, giving an extra layer to their sound, which is very good and leaves a nice feeling to the listener. With moods varying from uptempo party talking tunes, to slower and more personal stuff, show that the band has also done a good job in the lyric aspect. There are no less good moments here, and there are songs for every taste, and this makes this album one of those that you listen again and again. Despite the olschool nature of the music, the production is clear enough, but without destroying this feeling. Top class vocals, nice musicianship, a great bunch of songs, it's all you can find here. With no need for fancy or shinny stuff, this album has only the minimal a good rock album should have, and this is good music and soul. So, sit back, get yourselves a drink, relax, and enjoy the music.


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